• What are the skulls about ?

Skulls have been revered around the world for centuries. From deep in the past when they graced the palaces of emperors, the thrones of kings, and the work places of scholars, sages, doctors, and philosophers, right up to contemporary times, skulls have proven their worth to those of us that search the world for beauty, that enquire for greater knowledge, that hope to heal life's hurts, and that dare to ponder the universe.

  • What is the use of skulls ?

The Skull, long regarded as the very home of knowledge, wisdom, and soul, forms the ultimate bridge. A bridge that links our own conscious perception of our physical presence with what is considered the unknown.

  • More information about the Products ?

All Products are burned twice to 1220°C for extra strength and further activation of the minerals. May contain a carved spell inside. Made in Jaffa, ISRAEL.

  • Do you ship worldwide ?

Yes, we pack with care and send Registered mail with tracking (1-3 weeks) or EMS Worldwide Express mail (2-5 business days) on request.

  • Do you accept Returns, Refunds and Exchanges?

Unfortunately no, not at this point, Due to the rare nature of those "limited editions" "one-off"s.

  • Why Some object might seems/arrived "broken" or with "cracks" or have "weird" & "twisted" finish?

All those "flaws" are typical due to this rare experimental character of the work and the behavior of those rare minerals.